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Camila Montefusco is a storyteller at heart. At home with opera, art song and Latin American folk music, the Brazilian-born mezzo-soprano joins the Atelier lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal in the 24/25 season. ​

Camila started her career in Symphony Orchestras as a professional violinist. While playing in the pit for opera productions, she fell in love with the voice and the art of storytelling. Back in 2017, Camila earned a Bachelor's Degree in Violin Performance from the University of São Paulo and then decided to take a break. She came to Canada for a holiday - and stayed, enrolling at Western University to study voice.

She received her Master’s Degree with Honours and then joined the Royal Conservatory of Music's Rebanks Family Fellowship Program. Her time at the Glenn Gould School was deeply transformative. With the support of the Weston Family Foundation, she completed artistic residencies with the Britten Pears Young Artist Programme and the Dolora Zajick Institute for Young Dramatic Voices. Later seasons featured her as a Young Artist with the Banff Center for the Arts, OperaFest Sewannee and Toronto Summer Music Festival

Montefusco is a current Emerging Artist with Pacific Opera Victoria and Opera on the Avalon. This season marks her two first national tours in the artistic rosters of Prairie Debut and Debut Atlantic with her duo partner Yolanda Tapia. As a co-founder of the Obsidiana Duo, Camila believes in the importance of Ibero-American musical culture and history — a personal mission that drove her to give voice to historically marginalized composers through Latin American and Canadian folk music.


Whether in opera or recital, Camila hopes to connect with people through art and inspire change in a world that hungers for it. When she is not singing her heart out, you'll find her cooking with her husband, dancing to Latin American music, and playing with puppies that do not belong to her, although she really wishes they did. 

PC: Cecilia Gidali

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