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We are Camila and Yolanda, two musicians and friends committed to the celebration and preservation of Ibero-American music and heritage. Our mission is to elevate the tapestry of this musical tradition through live performances, educational workshops, recordings, and independent projects.

As dedicated advocates for historically overlooked composers, we aim to give voice to those who have long been marginalized. Our purpose is to unearth and share the vibrant cultural contributions of these often silenced individuals, forging a path of diversity within the classical music industry. It's wonderful to have you here with us, and we hope that you find as much joy in this journey as we do.

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 Our collaboration goes back to 2019 during our time at Grad school. As two Latin American classical musicians living in Canada, we quickly bonded over salsa, tacos, and brigadeiro. We had so much in common already, but it was our shared passion for the music of our countries of origin – Brazil and Mexico – that truly brought us together.


Performing as a voice and piano duo led us to the vast and rich repertoire of Ibero America, where we found remarkable, yet often overlooked, music that demanded a place on the stage. During that process, we realized that the stories within these songs were, in fact, our stories. The history of colonization in Ibero America is the narrative of our ancestors, and these tales hit close to home (and to the heart).


We're excited about the future of classical music because there's a treasure trove of amazing, yet undiscovered music out there and we’re on a mission to bring it to the spotlight. We can’t wait to share more with you soon!


We' look forward to connecting with you!

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